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We know startups

We’ve been there before and know the tricks and pitfalls. Over the years DreamWalk has helped hundreds of app startups plan, validate, design, develop and launch innovative new apps to users around the World. We’ve also released a number of apps ourselves, which have gone on to reach the top of the App Store charts and been featured by Apple.

What we do for app startups

Business Mentoring

Whether its helping you prepare your investor pitch, giving you honest feedback on your financial projections or genuine and unbiased advice around product viability, we’ve been on the startup journey many times before and love to share our wisdom.

User-centric Design

Good design is at the heart of everything we do. The user is at the heart of everything we design. Our design team knows what makes users tick. Utilising the latest technologies and methodologies we design apps to be intuitive, engaging and rewarding.

App Development

Our world-renowned app development team are the best in the business. All development is done locally here in Melbourne where we can control the quality and ensure you get the best possible technical outcome. We also collaborate with startups in Proof hackathons.

App Launch Strategy

We’ve been involved in dozens of app launches and know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to app launch promotions. We’ve taken live monkeys to MacWorld, setup photo booths with Macklemore and everything in between. Let’s brainstorm launch ideas together.

How to work with DreamWalk

There are a number of ways that a startups can engage with DreamWalk.

Fixed-scope Project

A fixed-price quote for app design and development. No surprises or hidden costs. Popular with startups on a budget. A strategy workshop is required before quoting.

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Flat-fee Agile

Ultimate flexibility and predictable cost. Pay a simple monthly flat-fee for discounted bulk design and development hours and get unlimited strategy for FREE.

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Proof Hackathon

The fastest and most cost-effective way to get your app idea onto the App Store. For startups with simple ideas they want to validate, Proof is all about fast results and its fun!

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High-fi Prototyping

For early stage startups trying to attract investment or demonstrate their idea to stakeholders. A high-fidelity prototype isn’t an app but it looks and feels just like one.

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What our startup clients are saying

“For me, the biggest benefits of working with DreamWalk have been the speed of development, impressive UX/UI design capability and great customer service”

Simon Bishop

Founder, The Hug App

“DreamWalk stood out as an ethical, trustworthy, and professional company. Working with them is effortless; they stick to your vision and explain technical concepts in ways that are easy to comprehend.”

Nell Purser

Co-Founder, Eenemo

“Not only did they make my dream come true, but they were also really fun to deal with. For 3 years, one of the apps [Classbreak] ranked number 1 on the App Store”

Dale Sidebottom

Founder, Energetic Education



Does DreamWalk invest in app startups?

It doesn’t happen often but on occasion the DreamWalk leadership team will offer to invest in an app startup. We will only ever invest up to 25% of the total app development cost in exchange for equity in the startup.

Will DreamWalk be my CTO?

For apps and startup teams we truly believe in, we will consider placing one of our leadership as CTO in your startup. This can help when raising capital and business planning. This placement is always in exchange for equity in the startup.

Can DreamWalk take care of my app marketing?

We will certainly share our own experiences and give you tips and advice but when it comes to detailed marketing strategy and execution we will put you in touch with an experienced tech marketer.

App Startup Tips

DreamWalk Co-founder, Joseph Russell shares his 20 tough tips for new app entrepreneurs.



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