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At dreamWalk we pride ourselves on our ability to design app user interfaces that delight users and keep them engaged.


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Since 2008, DreamWalk has designed cutting edge apps with stunning, highly functional user interfaces. Excellent UI design is about efficiency, fluidity, and simplicity. Over the years, DreamWalk has designed countless award-winning and chart-topping apps, thanks in large to our advanced understanding of mobile ui design and user engagement.

Now you can work with the award-winning DreamWalk mobile app UI designers on your next app project.


Some of our recent UI design success stories

Snackr Icon


Bringing in-seat food delivery to stadiums and live entertainment venues.

Mosaic App Icon-small


Good Design Award winner 2019 – Digital Apps And Software category.


Easy Weddings Planner

Australia’s most popular wedding directory and planner. Featured by Apple.


Recycle Mate

Top charting app on the App Store and MUX (Mobile UX) Awards finalist in 2019.

DreamWalk’s design is outstanding. I think their real strength is in their ability to focus on UX/UI to deliver clean, effective designs.

Matthew Lim

CEO, Snackr

Snackr App Banner
Snackr App Banner

Mobile UI design explained

Mobile app UI design is the process of designing the graphic interfaces users to interact with on mobile devices. It’s the buttons, icons, images, illustrations forms and other UI elements that allow users to achieve their goals in an app.

Mobile UI design is an important branding tool. Clean lines, consistent fonts and colour palette, interesting micro-interactions etc. are all part of delivering an engaging mobile app experience. The best mobile UI designers understand that the visual aspects of an app are essential to keeping customer engaged. The app industry is a competitive industry, and first impressions count. 

At DreamWalk, we have an in-house team of highly accomplished mobile UI designers. Our experience designing award-winning apps means we understand the dos and don’ts of UI. All our mobile UI design is done in our Melbourne offices.

Branding & Design Systems

All good design requires boundaries. In mobile UI design these boundaries are set by brand or style guidelines and are conformed to using a comprehensive design system. This ensures consistent styling and adherance to brand fonts, colours and other elements throughout the app design.

At DreamWalk, all UI design starts with a set of UX user flows and a detailed set of brand guidelines. These can either be supplied by the client or devoped by DreamWalk.

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Imagery and Illustration

Humans are very visual creatures. Not only does a picture speak a thousand words in an app design but it also helps keep the interface clean, interesting and intuitive.

Whether its beautiful and creative photography or unique custom illustrations, its important to keep visuals consistent and on-brand. At DreamWalk we are all about imagery. Whether its custom drawn by our illustrators or provided to us by the client, our mobile app UI designers will always aim to make the imagery the hero.


Micro-interactions are the small details that make a user go “wow!”. Whether it by animations, sound effects or transitions, these little drops of extra polish have a big impact on user engagement and leave a strong first impression.

At DreamWalk we design and build micro-interaction in-house and focus on the interactions most likely to directly impact conversions and have a lasting impact on users.


Why is Good UI Design Important?

Good mobile UI design is essential if you want to capture and hold your customer’s/user’s attention. If an app looks cheap or is difficult to figure out, user bounce rates will be high — even if it’s a great idea.

Good mobile app UI designers help you choose the styling, layout and tone which establishes the app’s mood, energy and feel.

By putting the customer at the forefront of the experience, good UI design ensures the app both looks great and is easy to navigate.

Here are some of the main benefits of a great UI:


Users make up their minds about apps quickly. Poor mobile UI design gives a poor first impression that can be hard to get over. Remember, users have used lots of poorly made with ugly interfaces. They associate poor design with low quality and that reflects on the brand behind the app.

On the other hand, think of an Apple product. The design is always smooth, classy, and functional. That’s all part of the Apple brand. Mobile UI designers can help you achieve a look and feel that is consistant with your brand values and reflects well on your brand.

Customer Acquisition

Good UI design helps your brand clearly demonstrate to your users what your app is about. The market for apps is very competitive, so when you have someone’s attention, you need to make it count and convince them to download your app within seconds.

Increased Engagement

The quality of an app’s user interface directly impacts how engaged the user is with the app. This includes how long they spend in your app and how often they come back to it.

The best mobile app UI design involves understanding users’ preferences. You can achieve this through research and testing. Once you understand what users want, you can build an interface that feels like it was designed just for them.

Lower Customer Support Costs

Bad mobile UI design increases customer support requirements and costs. If most users can’t intuitively figure out how to operate an app, something has gone wrong. Great mobile UI design makes it easy for the user to navigate and get value from the product and reduces barriers and pain points.

Reduced Development Costs

When you focus on mobile UI design from the start, you can reduce overall development costs. Good planning and involving the development team early in the process can ensure the designers and coders are aligned and keep costs to a minimum.

Make Your Users Comfortable

A considerable part of mobile UI design is making your users feel comfortable. You can achieve this in several ways, but the most effective is to make them feel in control.

This process can be as simple as facilitating undo/redos, so they don’t feel on edge when experimenting with the interface. Another way to make users feel comfortable is by making the app easy to navigate through the use of visual cues or consistent design. Be conscious that not all users have the same level of experience, so make the layout clear and logical for all user types and levels.

Lastly, its important to stick to tried and proven UI design rules and standards so the user can quickly get started without a steep leqarning curve.

Mobile App UI Designers FAQs

tQ. What is the difference between UI and UX?

User interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design are sometimes used interchangeably; however, they are very different artforms.

UI design is about the elements the user interacts with and the overall visual aesthetics of the app, like colour palette, logos and even the specific copy used.

UX is about the experience the user has in the app, the navigation structure and the journey the user goes on. UX doesn’t take visual aesthetics like colours, fonts or specific imagery into account.

Q. Is typography important in mobile UI design?

Typography is an essential aspect of mobile UI design. It can set the tone of your app and build brand recognition. While lot’s of fonts can ‘work’ in an app, consistency with brand guidelines, adherence to a rigid design system and industry best practices are hugely important when using fonts in an app design. Carefully selected fonts, fit for purpose, can impact how easily a user can navigate through an app and even how well an app converts.

Q. What is bad mobile UI design?

Bad mobile UI design is any design that makes things difficult for the user. A cluttered interface, slow loading animations, excessively long forms, too many font styles, inconsistent spacing, poor copy etc. etc. We all know it when we see it. It’s ugly, clumsy, and gets in the way of our goals within the app.

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