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DreamWalk’s award-winning app design team know how to design mobile apps that engage, entertain and convert.


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App design is one of the most important and overlooked aspects of the app development process. A simple, intuitive and visually appealing UX and UI design can be the make-or-break for your app. Getting it right is crucial. At DreamWalk, our experienced designers combine industry best-practices with creative flair and innovation to produce original and user-friendly app designs that win awards and engage users.

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Mobile UI Design

An app’s user interface (UI) is what users interact with. Designing a UI that is both intuitive and visually appealing takes an eye for detail and very specific skills and experience.

DreamWalk are the industry leader in mobile app UI design. We’ve designed apps that have won awards, been featured by Apple over 100 times and achieved a record 89 No. 1 App Store chart rankings.

We are all about the details, paying close attention to transitions, micro-interactions and visual rewards while also maintaining brand consistency and accessibility.

Mobile UX Design

Before a user interface can be effectively designed, it is best practice to first map out and design an intuitive and efficient user experience (UX). This is perhaps the most important design phase and one that DreamWalk’s design team prides itself on.

Beginning at our unique app design and strategy workshops, we work closely with the client to fine-tune their app concept and map out the user journey. This involves carefully defining the target user and unique selling proposition, then mapping out the app features to align with the key objectives of the project.

Using industry-leading UX research and design tools, our design team then develop and perfect a user experience that feels intuitive and rewarding. Our UX designers employ specialist techniques to eliminate barriers for users and make sure the app design is driven by real business-goals.

UX design tools we use:

Mobile app UX design wireframes
app design and strategy workshop

App Icon Design

Your icon is the first impression people get of your app on the App Store. It can mean the difference between someone installing your app or scrolling past it. Designing a high performing icon is an art and a science.

app icon design
Easy Weddings app design prototype

Interactive Prototype Design

A clickable, interactive prototype can be extremely useful for raising capital and demonstrating how an app will look to stakeholders. It can also be useful for nutting out complex user experiences and gaining important user feedback and insights before development begins.

At DreamWalk, we create interactive prototypes using Sketch, Invision, Adobe XD and Figma for ultimate flexibility and compatibility. These prototypes can be shared via a simple link and accessed on any iOS or Android device and also via the web.

We offer high-fedelity interactive design prototypes in a standalone prototype package or as part of a broader app design and development engagement. Get in touch with our strategy team to discuss your app prototyping options.

App Branding 

Branding is much more than just a logo. A comprehensive brand design is integral to designing a consistent and visually appealing app interface.

At DreamWalk we know what goes into a stunning app design and tailor our branding design to meet the requirements of your app and visual direction.

Whether you already have a brand guide or not, ask us today about our app-centric brand design packages.

Brand design services include:

  • Logo design
  • Icon design
  • Typeface guides
  • Colour palette selection
  • Patterns and textures
  • Image use guides
  • Illustration
  • Animation


app brand design
Snackr App Design Prototype and app brand design

Need an amazing app design?

App designers portfolio design
App designers portfolio Recycle Mate design
App designers and developers portfolio Snackr app
App developers Australia - Easy Weddings
Mosaic LGBTI app designed and developed by DreamWalk app development Australia
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Australian tennis app design by DreamWalk
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Resources for Designers

At DreamWalk we don’t just provide industry-leading app design services. We also contribute to the design community by developing designer resources.

app designer resources - App Design Success

App Design Success Strategy

What do you do when there’s no time or budget for extensive UX research? Put together a simple App Design Success Strategy before you jump into Sketch. In this article we’ll explain what one is and how to create one. Includes a free template.

App Icon Design Melbourne

Designing an app icon that converts

The importance of great app icon design cannot be overstated. It can literally be the make or break of your app. In this article we look at how you can make sure your app grabs user’s attention and helps convert app store visitors into customers.


5-Pass Reduction Wireframing: A minimalist UX design technique.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery said: “Perfection is Achieved Not When There Is Nothing More to Add, But When There Is Nothing Left to Take Away”.In my view, this pretty much sums up great UX design too and it forms the basis of my 5-Pass Reduction Wireframing technique.

App Design FAQs

Q. How much app design experience does DreamWalk have?

We’ve been designing apps since the App Store was first launched in 2008. That’s over 12 years of app UX and UI design experience at the highest level. We’ve designed over 100 apps for startups through to international brands like Coca-cola, Porsche and BP. Our app designers have won numerous awards including the prestigious Good Design award in 2019, MUX award in 2019, an Appy Award and countless Apple honors and accolades.

Q. What is an app design prototype?

A prototype enables you see how your app will look and feel before you develop it. It’s an interactive collection of screen designs that you can click/tap through on a mobile device or desktop computer. An app design prototype is not a functional app but it feels a lot like one.

Q. How long does app design take?

The average 25 screen app prototype takes approximately 2-3 weeks to design, including some basic brand design work. A full app design, which usually consists of over 60 screens, takes on average around 4-6 weeks to design, including UX and UI design phases.

Q. What app design tools do you use?

We use a range of different app design tools and applications including Sketch, Adobe XD, Figma, Invision, Photoshop, illustrator, Zeppelin and Lotti among others.

Got more questions? Go to our FAQs page.