App Startup Starter Kit

App Prototype Design and more!

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A headstart for your side-hustle!

Get your app startup off the ground today with this all-inclusive app startup package. Everything you need to showcase your app idea to potential investors and start growing an audience before you build it.

app branding design

App prototype and branding design

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Professionally designed App Prototypes by an award-winning app designer

Prototype Package Options:

  • Various screen configurations from a 10 screen prototype to 30+ screens.
  • App strategy & design workshop
  • Professional app branding design
  • Investor pitch deck design
  • 1 Page Promotional website for your app

    app branding design

    10 – 30+ screen app prototype design

    What our clients are saying

    “DreamWalk’s design is outstanding. I think their real strength is in their ability to focus on UX/UI to deliver clean, effective designs.”

    Matthew Lim

    CEO, Snackr

    “Not only did they make my dream come true, but they were also really fun to deal with. For 3 years, one of the apps (Classbreak) ranked number 1 on the App Store”

    Dale Sidebottom

    Founder, Energetic Education

    “DreamWalk eliminates any perceived barriers in getting an app to the market. They were a pleasure to work with and a true partner at every step of the way.”

    Kyle Wolf

    Head of Design, Planet Innovation