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Video fun for good.

Make a real global impact and support causes that affect you through simple social videos.

Dreamwalk’s app design capability is world class, and their experience shines through in the kind of attention to detail and polish that only comes with masterful design and a genuine understanding of the objectives of your product.

Johannah Maher

Co-founder & CEO, Impactr


Tiny actions add up when we do them together.

Impactr is a fun and colourful app that enables users to create short videos that inspire each other to do simple, bite-sized, everyday actions that collectively make the world a better place.

Watch, discover and easily choose big causes to take local action on – there is something small each day for everyone!

Connect, take action and sometimes spend with the worlds most trusted sustainable brands that are endorsed by our community of youth-led science and sustainability experts.

Be a superhero, wear your values, vote with your wallet, and switch up your lifestyle choices to Impactr´s Trusted Brands.

Designing Impactr.

Impactr CEO Johannah Maher came to DreamWalk with a simple brief – to design a unique, fun and engaging video-based social network for people wanting to make a social impact. She came prepared with a comprehensive set of requirements and a strong vision.

While the project presented our design team with a number of challenges, the biggest was how to squeeze in a huge set of features without overwhelming users. The feature list included a video feed, dashboard, chat, comments, leaderboards, search, profiles, notification center, onboarding, video posting and video responses to name a few.

Our strategy was to approach every feature and screen with simplicity in mind. With so many features required, every one of them needed to be extremely clean and intuitive. To achieve this we referenced dozens of other apps, cherry picking the best and simplest concepts from each, then putting our unique spin on them.

The result is a social network that in obviously very different from anything else out there but that still feels intuitive and familiar to users.


Inspire global action outside your immediate social network.

Impactr is a fresh new channel for your community and followers, that empowers organisations, creators, influencers and businesses to expand reach and engage everyday people in an exciting new way – by doing small and meaningful actions together!

Impactr is an impact-tech company and youth-led mission to inspire millions of people to do small actions that together make a massive impact for sustainability, justice and climate change. 

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