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no code and low code development

A simpler way to start up

No-code and low-code development platforms enable programmers and non-programmers to easily create apps using simple graphical user interfaces (GUIs) rather than typing thousands of lines of code. Going no-code means we can develop your app faster and you can potentially manage and maintain it yourself. No programming knowledge required!


No-code development benefits

App Startups


Power and flexibility for the up and downs of startup life.

Development Time

Release Faster

MVP development ready in as little as 3-4 weeks.

Low cost app development

Lower Cost

Save money by working with non-programmers. 

app maintenance

DIY Maintenance

Maintain and update your app without coding skills.

“Working with Dreamwalk has been an incredibly valuable and productive experience. I’d highly recommend Dreamwalk for anyone seeking the best app development experience Melbourne has to offer.

Simon Cable

Founder, Swav


When to go no-code

No-code isn’t for every project. Due to the simplified development process and easy-to-use graphic user interface, no-code solutions are great for startups with a tight deadline and/or budget constraints.

The simplification of the tools also means there are limitations to no-code development platforms and we don’t recommended no-code for complex or large scale applications.

The perfect use case for no-code is a startup that wants to get a simple MVP version of their app up and running quickly and at low cost. Once they validate the concept and gather user-feedback they can then rebuild the app to be scalable and feature-rich.



Now more than ever, booking online has become a crucial part of service-based businesses, most notably barbershops and salons. The global pandemic has not only forced local barbershops to adapt to the digital shift, but has increased their need to manage their time and capacity whilst continuing to serve the public.

Swav introduces a brand new experience for customers by balancing the simplicity of a walk-in appointment, with a modern day booking service.

Swav was built using no-code platform Adalo, with a number of integrated services including Acuity Scheduling, Integromat & Mailjet.


No-code platforms we use

There is a no-code or low-code platform to suit every app development and design project. Build an iPhone app without an iPhone developer using Adalo. Create a professional web app in weeks rather than months using Webflow or Bubble. Here are the various tools and platforms we use.

Core services:

  • (custom web apps)
  • Adalo (custom mobile apps)
  • Sharetribe (marketplaces)
  • Webflow (landing pages / websites)
  • (social networks)
  • Shopify + tapcart (ecommerce apps)

Supporting services:

  • Memberstack (membership websites)
  • Airtable (data)
  • Stripe (payments)
  • Zapier (integrations)
  • Parabola (integrations)

What our startup clients are saying

DreamWalk’s design is outstanding. I think their real strength is in their ability to focus on UX/UI to deliver clean, effective designs.

Matthew Lim

CEO, Snackr

Dreamwalk’s app design capability is world class, and their experience shines through in the kind of attention to detail and polish that only comes with masterful design and a genuine understanding of the objectives of your product.

Johannah Maher

Co-founder and CEO, Impactr

“Not only did they make my dream come true, but they were also really fun to deal with. For 3 years, one of the apps [Classbreak] ranked number 1 on the App Store”
Dale Sidebottom

Founder, Energetic Education

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