Recycle Mate

RELEASED 2019 | PLATFORM: iOS & Android

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Recycling Made Easy

Point your mobile device camera at any object and find out which bin it goes in! Designed and developed by DreamWalk in collaboration with ACOR and Adaptation, with support from the NSW EPA as a government initiative. The Recycle Mate app uses advanced AI image detection to identify and classify your garbage to improve recycling contamination. Currently available in NSW only.

NSW Government Launch

Find out all about this groundbreaking new app on 7 News and download the app for iOS and Android to try it for yourself.

First-of-a-kind Mobile Intelligence

Which bin does this go in? Find out with Recycle Mate.

Simply scan the object with your device’s camera and Recycle Mate will tell you how to dispose of it.

This innovative new app uses cutting edge AI technology to detect hundreds of different objects, helping you reduce recycling contamination.

Take the uncertainty out of your waste disposal with Recycle Mate.

Currently available for NSW residents only.

easy weddings app developer DreamWalk Melbourne

“None of the off-the-shelf AI solutions performed well enough for our purpose, so we had to train the machine learning model from scratch. Putting in the work and seeing the AI get smarter is very satisfying”

Jenny Cheng

Business Analyst, DreamWalk

Recycle Mate BETA Trial

Recycle Mate is currently in BETA. After six months of development and training, the custom built machine learning model can now detect hundreds of disposable objects but it is far from perfect. The aim in the next six months is to crowdsource images through the app to aide further AI training and increase the detectable objects to over a thousand before a national launch.

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