These days, finding time to give back and contribute to causes you believe in can be tough. Smartphones can be a major drain on our time, so it seems fitting that social impact app development has now become a thing. Developers and startups are now aiming to put our screen time to use for good in a variety of effective ways.


Here’s thirteen innovative social impact apps you can use to raise money for good causes and help facilitate global change:


1. Photos For A Good Cause: Donate A Photo

Johnson & Johnson has created a platform for aspiring photographers to share their talents while raising money for charities. Through Donate A Photo, Johnson & Johnson donates $1 per photograph uploaded to charity. The initiative has resulted in over 5 million photos and donations to over 260 different causes.

2. Keep Your Heart Healthy While Donating Your Miles: Charity Miles

Charity Miles is an application that donates 25 cents for every mile you run, walk, or bike. This you can track using your phone’s built-in pedometer or Bluetooth attached step tracker. If you need another excuse to get some cardio, this is a great one!

3. To Address The Underserved Bone Marrow Registry: SwabApp

If you look at many driver’s licenses, you will likely see an organ donor’s mark. The average person also knows how to donate blood, but what about bone marrow? Gift of Life has created an application to simplify the process into four different steps. So, if you have always wondered about donating bone marrow, check it out.

Impactr social impact app development


4. A Video-Based Social Platform To Inspire Global Action: Impactr

It’s hard to ignore the seemingly exponential growth of video content over the last few years. Apps like TikTok and all of the social media platforms have been focusing on short form video in a major way. Johannah Maher and her team have been acutely aware of this. As a result, they are about to release a video-based social media platform called Impactr. The app uses the concept of short-form viral videos to inspire global change and is due for release in early 2021.

5. Get Discounts From Restaurants While Feeding The Hungry: TangoTab

Everyone loves a discount. Suppose that discount allows you to feed the hungry in the process; that gives you another reason to take advantage of it. While TangoTab is only available in a small number of areas, their willingness to reach out to local restaurants and charities indicates their focus on keeping money local. If you prefer your charity dollars to stay in your community, check them out. 

6. Simplifying Digital Donations To Your Favorite Charities: Givelifly

If your non-profit organization is registered, chances are they are located on Givelifly. Givelifly doesn’t trade anything in exchange for donations; they only make it easier for you to donate. If you work entirely in digital currencies and don’t feel like going to the ATM, this is a solid choice. You can even contribute to your local church if they are registered. 

7. Encourage Your Kids To Be Active For A Good Cause: UNICEF Kid Power

UNICEF is a well known non-profit organization that contributes a great deal to children in need. UNICEF Kid Power allows you to install an application on your AppleTV for your children. Kids are encouraged to perform physical activities to get their bodies moving as a contribution to their donation platform. Teachers have also been connecting their students to it, reminding them they don’t need money to contribute to good causes.

8. Hold Your Congress Accountable: Greenhouse

Sometimes, the best good we can do in the world is to hold others accountable. When we speak of congress members, you could say that it is part of our civic duty to ensure our representatives represent us. Greenhouse is a browser extension that allows you to check on the political contributions your representatives have received. This ensures that you can check their biases, making you a more informed decision-maker.


New Day App

9. Invest In Companies That Are Making The World Better: Newday

Newday is an iOS app that allows you to look at the social impact side of investments. So, if you are someone who invests regularly and cares about social issues, this is a must-have. Align your investments with causes you care about using this app.

10. Bet On Your Favourite Sports Games While Donating To Charity: GoodBookey

The popularity of betting on sports games is doubtless, so turn this fun activity into a way to contribute to your favourite charities. GoodBookey allows you to bet on your favourite sports teams while donating to your preferred charity. It’s a great way to engage with your team and your friends while donating to good causes. 

11. Use Education To Contribute To World Issues: Deedly

Deedly is a youth-based social impact app that allows students to educate themselves about world issues and their charities. This provides your children with an early platform to understand world issues and teaches them the value of giving from a young age. Also, their continued onsite activities earn funds that they can choose to donate to specific causes. 

12. Connect Yourself With The Stories Of The Homeless: Samaritan

Samaritan is an application that tells a homeless person’s journey. It enables you to experience what they have to go through daily to survive. You can read their stories, share them with friends and donate to people in need. Your money goes towards food, clothing, shelter and fuel.

13. Support Companies who give back to the community: Social Footprint Index

What’s your social footprint score? Find out with Social Footprint Index. Tell the web app where you shop regularly and who you buy services like electricity and gas from to get your score. Social Footprint Index provides consumers with transparent data on the community investment and socially responsible practices of service providers. Then, it helps you switch to more ethical providers.


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