Social Footprint Index


A movement towards companies that give back to the community

Choosing a service provider based on their positive contribution to society has historically been difficult – until now. The MyFootprint App provides consumers with transparent data on the community investment and socially responsible practices of service providers.

They [DreamWalk] show great patience and incredible flexibility working with inexperienced entrepreneurs like us.

Dr Adam Barsky

Founder and COO, Social Footprint Index

How it Works

The MyFootprint application helps you be a more responsible consumer!

Get your personal Social Footprint score

Compare service providers based on their social responsibility

Switch to suppliers with greater socially responsible practices to create impact

Working with DreamWalk

COO Adam Barsky talks about working with DreamWalk:

They [DreamWalk] were responsible for building the front- and backend of the web app. We provided the UX and UI, and they made design decisions where necessary. They developed the front and backend of the platform so it can be integrated with our website. They coded the platform in React, which will allow us to quickly scale to a native app when we receive additional funding.

They were able to get the platform working in time for us to present it at a global conference. It worked perfectly, and we received much needed attention for the product. They also stayed within our budget.

They managed the project on Facebook workspace, which works well for us. They provide high-quality customer service and excellent communication.

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