Mobile Treasure Hunt™ Advertising is a new marketing concept introduced by app developer DreamWalk Mobile. It enables advertisers to put their brands, ads and free giveaways onto a global prize map for mobile users to collect via GPS.

With the ever increasing popularity of smart phones as well as the current economic crisis, DreamWalk makes perfect sense. It provides advertisers with a cheap, innovative and effective new way to advertise their brands and products, while at the same time giving consumers exactly what they want – free stuff in hard economic times.
DreamWalk is a patent pending; location-based ad platform that actually has consumers out hunting for ads! What other ad platform can say that?

Via a self-serve web interface, advertisers can place real prizes & giveaways at GPS locations on the DreamWalk map for mobile phone users to collect (pick up). Each prize they place on the map also doubles as an interactive advertisement for their brand or product.

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