Want to attract folks en mass? Give it away.

Everybody loves free stuff. It’s amazing how even the smallest, most inexpensive item, becomes valuable when given away free of charge. Think of the last time you went to a trade show and walked away with a sample bag overflowing with key rings, pens and fridge magnets. You probably never used any of them, but it was the process of collecting things that gave you satisfaction.

Companies give out samples of their products all the time; it’s a very effective marketing strategy. If you like their products there is a good chance you will buy from them in the future. Many big retailers and manufactures have budgets in the millions of dollars just for giving out samples of their products

Advertisers use free giveaways to:

• Grow their customer base.

• Sell related (or extended) products or services.

• Get customers to try new products risk-free.

• Build mailing lists.

• Build consumer trust.

• Raise brand awareness.

• Conduct product tests or market research.

• Promote an event or attraction.

Now, in this tough economic climate, more and more advertisers are incorporating FREE into their marketing strategies with great results. The new DreamWalk mobile platform combines free giveaways and location-based mobile ads enabling advertisers to give away samples and freebies to mobile users all over the world.

Hope you find this information useful.




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