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Get Festive With These Christmas Apps

From family get-togethers and gingerbread cookies to exchanging gifts and relaxing by the fireplace—the Christmas season is an exciting time for all. But behind these festive events we know and love is a whole lot of shopping, preparation, decorating, and baking. 

The time and effort required by holiday celebrations can be overwhelming for many. Thankfully, there are several Christmas apps that we can lean on for assistance. 

Whether you need to share the magic of Santa with your children, keep shopping lists in check, or organise Secret Santa with your friend group, there’s a magical app to help! Dreamwalk can assist you with designing and developing your dream app; visit here to learn more about the services we provide.

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Speak To Santa Christmas Call

If you’re juggling work and family life, and can’t seem to find the time to hype your kids up about Santa coming, the Speak to Santa Christmas Call app will come in handy.

However, the best part of this app isn’t even mentioned in its name. On the app, your child can scan their face into the Naughty or Nice Scanner, which you can set up to show either or have it selected at random.

This is a great way to keep your kids engaged with chores and good behaviour over the exciting holiday season. But what’s even more festive is the Video Call Santa feature, allowing your kids to interact with the jolly man in red.

The app has more than 7000 child names stored, and by filling out a survey, the AI version of Santa will learn your kid’s age, birthday, and where they live, along with their favourite colour, fruit, vegetable, sport, and musical instrument.

They can also chat about recent life events, whether your child was naughty or nice, and what gifts they want under the tree on Christmas morning. 

On Christmas Eve, your kids can use the app to track Santa’s whereabouts and even run test flights with his sleigh up until the big day.

To ensure believability, the tracker has a 3D globe, notes the percentage of presents delivered, and important reindeer data. 

Christmas Countdown!

Christmas is definitely worth an up-to-the-second countdown, and this app will keep you in the festive spirit. The Christmas Countdown! app keeps users updated on how many days, hours, minutes, seconds, and even heartbeats you’ve got to wait until Santa comes down the chimney. 

Users can choose between six quirky characters to keep them company while they watch the countdown, including an animated snowman, Christmas tree, reindeer, ice skater, and Santa Claus himself.

The countdown can be shared on your favourite social networking sites, including Instagram, with your friends and family.

Christmas Gift List Tracker

It’s easy to misplace or lose hard-copy Christmas Lists, which is why the Christmas Gift List Tracker aims to help users stay organised.

The app features a countdown at the top, allowing users to create gift lifts, keep track of gift ideas and purchases, share lists with others, and view lists from previous years. 

But most importantly, the Christmas Gift List Tracker can help you stay on budget, which is incredibly difficult to do when you’re in the generous holiday spirit.

Through the app, users can add a budget and track overall spending, assign specific budgets for every individual on their list, and monitor their spending on various graphs.

If you need to keep specific gifts a secret, they can be marked as “private” to ensure everyone is surprised when they unwrap their gifts. 

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If you dive into the holiday spirit head first, you’re likely well-acquainted with this interactive app.

ElfYourself, which started as a website, allows users to upload faces of themselves, along with family members and friends, which are used to create a mini film. Once uploaded, faces will be pasted onto a tiny elf body that will complete a dance routine of your choice.

Every year, there are dozens of new dances to choose from. Videos made on the ElfYourself app can be sent to others instead of a traditional Christmas card sent by post. 

Santa Tracker – Track Santa

Sometimes you don’t need all the bells and whistles when tracking Santa. The Santa Tracker – Track Santa app is much simpler than the Speak To Santa Christmas Call app, which allows children to video chat with Santa and track him on his route around the globe. 

With this user-friendly app, parents can help their children see Santa’s current location, what he’s up to, and just how long until he will be on their rooftop.

The tracker is adorable, animated, and has a Christmas countdown on the home page. 

Christmas Radio+

Even though you just can’t get enough, your guests are sick and tired of hearing Justin Bieber’s “Mistletoe” album on repeat.

Let’s not forget the festive selection of songs like “All I Want For Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey and “8 Days Of Christmas” by Destiny’s Child.

The Christmas Radio+ app streams holiday music from several radio stations, including Christmas favourites, Smooth Christmas, Country Christmas, and stocking stuffers.

Users can play music from the Christmas Radio+ app when hosting a Secret Santa party with friends, at the office holiday party, or decorating the tree at home.

It’s a much more convenient alternative to switching back and forth manually or repeatedly listening to the same Christmas CD!

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Scout Elf Ideas

For children, Elf on the Shelf provides hours of entertainment and fun. However, for parents, thinking of creative scenarios to pose the Elf every morning is rather tiresome.

The Scout Elf Ideas app can be life-changing and life-saving for adults burnt out from Christmas shopping and other holiday festivities. 

The app offers daily photos of Scout the Elf for inspiration, helping parents create elaborate displays that will bring laughter to their children.

On Scout Elf Ideas, users will discover fun ideas for spending time with their families and images with instructions and materials. Ideas range from simple to complex, so parents can choose how much mischief their Elf on the Shelf will get into.

The award-winning app will also send a daily reminder to move Scout if it has slipped the user’s mind. For indecisive parents, the app has an Idea Spinner that will select a fun, random idea for them. 

The app can also be toggled into Kids Mode, where children can look at other silly elf ideas, watch short cartoons, catch up with the Reindeer News Network, or listen to the greatest Christmas hits in the North Pole Jukebox. 

Christmas Sweeper 3

Christmas time is hectic, so a little mindless gaming on your phone is just what the doctor ordered. If you’re a fan of Candy Crush, you’ll love Christmas Sweeper 3 as it is similar but has a Yuletide spin.

Users will be matching Christmas-themed objects like trees, gingerbread, Santa hats, and ornaments when playing the game. Users can connect and compete with their friends on Facebook leaderboards.

The game is suitable for beginners, but if you’d like to show off, there are also “hard” modes for every level. 

The app-based game has more than 4,000 levels of match 3 fun, and when you make a match of 4 or 5, you’ll be rewarded with cookies when you collect a single piece with Santa’s mitten. 

Christmas Sweeper 3 will help you pass the time when your kids are taking forever to write their letters to Santa or when you need to unwind after shopping for gifts at the mall. 

Christmas Decor Pups

A Charlie Brown Christmas

The nostalgia that this interactive storybook app brings is incomparable. Users can help the Peanuts gang, as they try to uncover the true meaning of Christmas.

The famous Peter Robbins, the original voice of Charlie Brown, narrates the story. While the illustrations have been digitally remastered, the dialogue, music, and sounds are all pulled from the 1965 animated classic.

Additional features include carolling with the choir, decorating their Christmas tree, and even playing Schroeder’s piano. Throughout the story, users can finger-paint with the characters.

The app provides parents with an entertaining way to share a bit of their childhood with their kids. It also features word and note highlighting to help kids improve their musical and reading skills. 

A Charlie Brown Christmas also comes with more than 30 animated stickers that can be used through iMessage.


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