Announcing the launch of our brand new DreamWalk Interactive website

This new site is dedicated to a relatively new area of our business – Custom mobile app development. After working exclusively on our acclaimed DreamWalk platform for a number of years, last year we decided to branch out and put our talents to work on other people’s apps. We’ve been extremely busy, so it’s taken a while to get a website up and running for the custom app development side of the business but I’m proud to announce that we finally have one!

Along with the new website are a couple of new products I think deserve a special mention:

White Label Treasure Hunt Apps

Based on our proprietary DreamWalk software engine, these apps for iPhone and Android enable your brand or business to launch your own custom mobile treasure hunt app with all of the features and none of the development time. These apps enable you to drive traffic to real physical locations using the lure of hidden treasures. The app is fully customized to your brand or campaign and can be tailored to suit just about any location-based concept. Companies like Coca Cola and M&C Saatchi have already taken advantage of this hot new product and launched custom treasure hunt apps this year.

Check out the case studies at

White Label QR Code Scanning Apps

We are really excited about the opportunities presented by QR codes and our white label QR code scanning app is a publishers dream. These apps enable any printed product to become interactive and connect users to all sorts of online materials such as image galleries, coupons, videos etc. Just scan the code with the camera built into your phone and away you go!

What makes our products stand out above other QR scanning products on the market is our proprietary QR codes. Our system enables you to generate codes that can only be read with your scanning app.
This enables you to keep users immersed in your branded experience and allows you to control what sort of content can be accessed in your app and potentially charge your customers/advertisers for these codes.

Check out more at

DreamWalk Interactive is a Melbourne based iPhone and Android app development company located at Suite 4, Level 3, 14 Queens Rd. Melbourne, 3000. Visit our new website at for contact details.

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