After almost two years in development, DreamWalk, the mobile treasure hunt application for iPhone is finally here. The free app offers a treasure map full of real treasures for users to find and collect.

Melbourne, Australia (PRWEB) March 1, 2010 — Today the DreamWalk iPhone app finally went live on the iTunes App Store, much to the delight of developer – DreamWalk Pty. Ltd. who began work on the app back in August of 2008. This first-of-a-kind treasure hunt application allows users to find and collect real treasures using their GPS location and will appeal to treasure hunters, freebie lovers and just about anyone with an iPhone and a bit of spare time.

There are currently more than two thousand treasures on the DreamWalk map and “that number is expected to increase dramatically as we get more businesses and partners on board” said Joseph Russell, chief executive officer of DreamWalk Pty. Ltd., a registered Australian company operating out of Melbourne, Australia. Among the thousands of treasures already on the map are 24ct Gold iPods, Nintendo Wiis, perfumes, chocolates, movie tickets and HD TVs to name a few. While the majority of treasures can currently be found around land marks, businesses and popular public places like colleges and sporting fields,there are also treasures in harder to reach locations, such as the Sony DVD player sitting on Snake Island just off the coast of Winthrop, MA.

Apple iPhone users can download DreamWalk from the App Store for free and be hunting for treasures within minutes. “We made it free so every iPhone user can benefit from DreamWalk, plus, the more users we have, the more treasures we can put on the map” Russell said.

The application provides a simple Google map interface, featuring icons which represent treasures on the map. The user can click on an icon to see the details of the treasure then physically move to its GPS
location to collect it. Once collected, treasures go into the user’s prize bag and can be redeemed at any time with the click of a button. Some treasures may be collected instantly, while others require the user
to perform certain tasks, like collecting stamps from different map locations or solving a series of clues. “DreamWalk is highly interactive and fun” said Russell. “Who doesn’t love collecting free stuff?”

Delivery of treasures to the users who collect them is done in one of three ways depending on the treasure. Some treasures, such as food items, can be collected in-store at participating retailers while others
are delivered in the mail or via internet download links.

DreamWalk is currently only available on iPhone but the developers are already in the process of adapting the application for use on various other mobile platforms such as Android, Blackberry, Nokia and
Windows Mobile. According to Russell “DreamWalk will be available for all these devices before the end of the year.”

Businesses wanting to be a part of the hunt can do so by placing their own ‘treasures’ on the map via the DreamWalk website at Signing up for an account is free and giving away free products can be a great marketing strategy.

For more information, visit, or contact Joseph Russell at +506 (891) 436 23.

Media Contact: CEO Joseph Russell

Phone: +506 (891) 436 23

Email: info(at)dreamwalkmobile(dot)com

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