Coles mobile app vs Woolworths Mobile App

Australia’s supermarket landscape is a hotly contested arena, with two giants, Coles and Woolworths, leading the charge. These supermarkets have leveraged technology to make the shopping experience as convenient as possible for their customers. But which one has the better mobile app? Let’s delve into the Woolworths mobile app and the Coles mobile app to find out which offers a better user experience, whether you’re an iPhone or Android user.

Initial Impressions

Coles Mobile App

When I first opened the Coles mobile app on my iPhone, I was greeted with an intuitive layout and cheerful color palette. The home screen made it easy to access the key features such as browsing categories, weekly deals, and my rewards points.

Android Experience: The Coles mobile app experience was pretty consistent when I switched to my Android device. The Android version is equally smooth, although it felt like the iOS version was a tad bit more responsive.

Woolworths Mobile App

Woolworths doesn’t lag behind, either. On opening the Woolworths mobile app, I found the user interface design clean and minimalist. This app is more no-nonsense, focusing on efficiency.

Android Experience: I found the Woolworths mobile app to be well-optimized for Android, much like its iOS counterpart, offering almost identical features and smoothness.



  • Weekly Deals: These are prominently displayed and easy to browse.
  • Barcode Scanning: If you’re looking to quickly add an item to your cart, the barcode scanning function is a lifesaver.
  • Rewards Integration: Your Flybuys rewards card can be easily integrated.


  • Woolworths Rewards: This feature is front and centre, showing you how many points you’ve accumulated.
  • Shopping Lists: You can create, save, and edit multiple shopping lists.
  • Product Finder: This feature directs you to the aisle in a specific store where you can find your item.


Coles Mobile App

  • Pros: The layout is more intuitive. Barcode scanning is quick and effective.
  • Cons: Searching for a specific product can sometimes yield irrelevant results.

Woolworths Mobile App

  • Pros: The shopping list feature is great for those who like to plan ahead. The app also seemed slightly faster in terms of load times.
  • Cons: The design felt a bit too minimal, making some features less obvious to find.

Performance and Reliability

Both the Coles and Woolworths mobile apps are reliable, with minimal crashes or bugs experienced during my use. On a performance scale, I would give the Woolworths mobile app a slight edge, especially on Android. The app loaded faster and felt a bit more streamlined in terms of functionality.

Customer Support

Both mobile apps feature a help section, but Woolworths takes it a step further with a live chat feature. If you’re stuck or have a query, real-time assistance is invaluable.

Final Verdict

Both the Coles mobile app and the Woolworths mobile app have their merits and shortcomings. If you’re looking for an app with an intuitive design and great deals, Coles might be your go-to. On the other hand, if you value speed and a minimal interface with excellent planning features, Woolworths should be your choice.

For iPhone Users

If you’re an iPhone user who values aesthetics, Coles offers a slightly better visual experience.

For Android Users

Both apps perform well on Android, but Woolworths edges out slightly in terms of speed and reliability.

My Pick

If I had to pick one, I’d go with the Woolworths mobile app for its speed and well-thought-out features. While Coles delivers in terms of design, Woolworths focuses on what matters most to me: efficiency.

No matter which app you choose, both Coles and Woolworths offer robust mobile solutions that bring convenience to your shopping experience. Happy shopping!


About the Author

Joseph Russell is an award-winning app designer, app strategist and founder of DreamWalk. Over his 11 year career, Joseph has helped hundreds of businesses and startup founders plan, design, develop and launch successful apps.

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