clutch DreamWalk top 5 app developers in Australia

Leading B2B research firm Clutch recently ranked DreamWalk in the Top 5 app development companies in Australia in their 2018 annual industry report.

The companies highlighted in this research were ranked based on services offered, client feedback, work quality, and market presence.

While this result may not come as a surprise, what makes DreamWalk’s Top 5 ranking unique is just how different DreamWalk is from the other companies featured.

Firstly, DreamWalk is the only app development company in the Top 5 to do all development onshore here in Australia. We are also the only boutique agency to make it into the Top 5, with a team of just ten located here in Melbourne, compared to teams of hundreds at each of the other four companies, spread across Australia, India, Nepal and Russia.

DreamWalk also ranked in the Top 3 App Developers in Melbourne.

We are honoured to feature so prominently in this report by such a reputable industry body and will now set our sites at taking out the number 1 spot next year 🙂

You can read the full Clutch report HERE.