When planning this year’s “Catch The Kid” promotion for the New Mexico Tourism Department, M&C Saachi L.A. turned to DreamWalk for mobile development. The resulting application is a GPS treasure hunt for iPhone and Android, based on the proprietary DreamWalk software engine.

The hunt sees competitors racing around the state of New Mexico, collecting clues to the whereabouts of Billy The Kid. The first person to apprehend the villain gets a $10,000 reward. There is also tons of
Billy’s hidden loot to collect along the way, which can be spent in a virtual store at www.catchthekid.com.

The Catch the Kid app is built on the proprietary DreamWalk platform. The platform is proven to drive traffic to physical locations and immerses consumers in an exciting and rewarding branded experience.
To find out more about the DreamWalk platform as a white label solution visit www.dreamwalk.com.au

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