The Hug App

Founder Simon Bishop needed an app design agency

Case Study

By DreamWalk App Development

Released: 2017 | Platforms: iOS & Android 

Are you a busy parent needing help with your children’s transport and care, or do you help family and friends by taking care of their dependents?

The Hug App connects parents with their trusted network of family and friends and manages all transport and care requests. It is ideal for busy parents and anyone responsible for transporting and caring for others, eliminating the stress that often comes with these responsibilities.

Download The Hug App today and experience how easy it is to manage your transport and care needs.

“For me, the biggest benefits of working with DreamWalk have been the speed of development, impressive UX/UI design capability and great customer service

Simon Bishop

Founder and CEO, The Hug App


Your Trusted Network

Leveraging your own trusted network, The Hug App provides a quick and simple way to request and offer assistance with care and transport.


Forget texting each of your friends and family individually to ask for assistance. With hug, your request can be posted to your trusted network and accepted in just a few clicks thanks to our unique automated process.


Inviting others to your network is subject to meeting certain criteria. Facebook friends, a contact on your smartphone or your dependants must share a common address ie. school.


Developing The Hug App

When the client (Simon) approached DreamWalk in mid 2017, he already had a functional version of the Hug App on the App Store. Unfortunately, the user interface wasn’t as intuitive as it could have been and there were a number of bugs and other issues. So, DreamWalk was engaged as his app design agency to do a thorough User Experience (UX) review and redesign.

Trying to find a development house that could execute my vision and requirements was my biggest challenge” said Simon Bishop, Founder and CEO of The Hug App. After working with another developer for over a year, the app was “Long past my original launch date”.

Over the course of ten weeks, DreamWalk designed a new user experience and interface to be more intutive, quick to use and simple to setup by adding a guided onboarding process, dashboard and completely overhauling the navigation and messaging.

The Market for Hug

“I see a significant market opportunity for The Hug App both here and around the world. The app aims to solve an age old problem when it comes to parents sourcing appropriate assistance with regard to transport and care for their dependents.

Despite countless ride sharing and babysitting platforms and services available to parents, The Hug App better serves those parents primarily because of two important reasons. It leverages a parents own private and trusted network (rather than outsourcing to unknown third parties) and is transactional by nature (opposed to simply connecting two parties together via yet another messaging app) increasing efficiency and ultimately saving time and reducing stress.” – Founder Simon Bishop.


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