Porsche Sell Direct

 RELEASED: 2021 | PLATFORM: iOS, Android & Web


Sell your pre-owned Porsche

Porsche Sell Direct is Porsche’s official pre-owned car sales platform. The app enables Porsche owners to list their used vehicles and approved Porsche dealerships to bid for them.


How the Porsche app works

Are you an existing Porsche owner looking to sell your Porsche? Let Australian Porsche Centres compete for your car with the official Porsche Sell Direct app.

Porsche Sell Direct is the simplest and fastest way to sell your pre-owned Porsche to an Official Porsche Centre.

Create a listing for your Porsche in just minutes and have Porsche Centres from around Australia place offers on your car.

It’s simple, fast and secure, and best of all you are dealing direct with Porsche dealers.

  • Sell safely. No strangers visiting your home or test driving your car
  • List your car in just minutes. Simply upload details and photos of your Porsche to create a listing.
  • Sell quickly. Receive conditional offers in under 48 hours
  • Nationwide access. All Porsche Centres have the opportunity to purchase your car.
  • Contactless. Just list and accept a conditional offer inside the app.

“[DreamWalk are] great App Developers delivering quality products for customers.”

Alex Webster

Director of Business Development, Porsche Australia

Porsche App Development

Cross-platform support with a tight deadline

Anyone who’s ever driven a Porsche will agree – The quality and attention to detail is second to none. The quality of their mobile app needed to meet the same ultra-high standards and there was a tight deadline.

Designing and developing high quality apps is what DreamWalk does, so that wasn’t a concern for us. But, perfection takes time and this app needed to be delivered within a few short months. It also needed to be compatible with iOS, Android and web, which added a considerable amount of extra pressure. 

At DreamWalk we develop most of our apps in React Native. This is due to the cross-compatibility with iOS and Android and the high performance and native feel of the apps it can produce. Unfortunately React Native doesn’t allow simple web compatibility without additional React work. So, for the Porsche Sell Direct app we opted to use the popular Ionic framework.

Ionic enabled us to build iOS, Android and web apps from a single code-base and responsive design. This enabled us to deliver the apps within a short timeframe without making any major quality sacrifices.

React Native is known to perform better than Ionic on mobile devices, so to counteract that concern we kept the app design simple. We simplified page transitions and other features that typically rely heavily on native mobile features. This took pressure off the software and enabled us to deliver a complex app that works for IOS, Android and web, within just a few months and without any major quality compromises.

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