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Out There Dating

 RELEASED: 2021 | PLATFORM: iOS, Android & Web


The dating app for meeting people in the real world.

No swiping or endless chat conversations. Out There helps users get out of the house and meet compatible singles in the real world.


How Out There works

The Out There app first shows you where to find your perfect partner, based on your dating preferences. From bars to cafes, parks to public libraries, each location or ‘Spot’ on the map is scored based on your compatibility with the people there at any given time.

Once at a location, you can turn on the optional ‘Broadcast’ feature to see compatible users nearby who want you to come say hi. Users even set their own icebreaker topics, so no need for awkward pick-up lines.


  • Low time commitment

    The average dating app user spends 90 mins swiping per day. Out There takes only seconds to use each day.

  • No Ghosting or Penpals

    By design, Out There eliminates the concept of ghosting and endless chat with ‘penpals’. No spark, no problem!

  • Dating post-COVID

    Due to COVID lockdowns, singles are craving real human connection more than ever. It’s time to get back Out There.

“Some people don’t want to meet their future partner on Tinder. Out There takes dating back into the real world.”

Jess Matthews

Dating Coach, Out There Dating

Out There App Development

Simple interface, hidden complexity.

Out There may seem like a simple concept – Check where compatible singles are hanging out then go there and meet them. Turning that premise into an intuitive and powerful mobile app was far from simple though.

The Out There app relies on various complex algorythms in order to deliver useful compatibility data to users at both a user level and a venue level. Before development began, DreamWalk and Out There founder, Joseph Russell wrote 30 pages worth of app logic. this formed the basis of the Out There engine but in execution at least half of that plan was revised or replaced once testing began.

“It’s difficult to predict how an algorythm will perform on paper” said Russell. “Many of my assumptions in the planning stages were challenged and replaced as real world testing commenced and we started getting real user feedback.

The other big chanllenge facing the DreamWalk designers was how to make Out There feel as simple as other dating apps, like Tinder and Hinge, while packing in all of additional funtionality required to calculate compatibility scores between users and also at an agregate venue level. While Out There is clearly quite a different experience for users than swipe-based dating apps, DreamWalk was able to design a UX that we feel is clean and intuitive. It is also a very rewarding experience to use the app as it provides instant value to the user after just a few minutes of onboarding.

Out There dating app screenshot

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