Back in 2013 we released a little internal passion project called Jam and had an amazing response. Over the last 7 years, almost a million everyday people have downloaded the app and used it to generate millions of original songs and weird and wonderful cover versions.

Our goal was to democratize the song production process and enable anyone, regardless of their musical abilities to create music quickly and at no cost. It is incredibly humbling and satisfying to know we achieved that goal for so many people around the world.

Since 2013 we have only released a handful of updates to the app. The busy agency that we are, finding time and resources for passion projects is a rarity. This week, however, we did release a minor update, making Facebook login possible again and optimizing the layout for iPhone X and 11 devices. There are still a few bugs here and there but for an app that has not really been maintained for the last 7 years it still runs pretty well and is still a lot of fun!

You can download the latest iOS version in English, Chinese (Simplified), Spanish, Japanese and Korean at the following link. Enjoy ?????

Shout out to the original Jam dev team Sam Russell, Thiago Campezzi, Joseph Russell, Daniel Rodriguez, Robert Koh , Eduardo Fontenele and everyone else who has a hand in its creation.

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